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Hello and Welcome to My Toy Page!

Hi! I'm Vinny (a.k.a. "The Mego Guy") and I collect vintage toys made by the Mego Corporation. From 1971 to 1983, Mego made action figures, vehicles, and playsets for the World's Greatest Super-Heroes (DC and Marvel), Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Mad Monsters, Action Jackson, and more. I love to collect rare variations, including foreign releases by Mego's oversea distributors such as Lili Ledy/Cipsa (Mexico), Basa (Peru), Palitoy (U.K.), Rimax Carvajal (Colombia), Pin Pin Toys (France), Marx (Germany), and Popy/Miura (Japan)!

My Mego Toy Collection

Click Here to See Photographs of My Mego Toy Collection Over the Years!

Recent Updates

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Lili Ledy Header.jpg
Rimax Carvajal Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
El Hombre Nuclear Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Popy Header.jpg
Mego Cipsa Planet of the Apes!
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Tex Willer
Ultraman Leo
Zorro Header.jpg
Mego Mighty Mightor
Jet Jungle Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
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Mego Franz Beckenbaur
Mego Logo
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Super Savers Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Mego Super Softies
Bend n Flex Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Mego Pocket Super Heroes
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Robin Hood Main Header.jpg
Mego Pirates
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American West
Knights Header.jpg
Mego One Million BC
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Wild Mustang Header.jpg
GAH Header.jpg
Action  Jackson
Mad Monsters Header.jpg
Mego King Kong
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Mego Muhammad Ali
Mego Wizard of Oz
Mego Dare Bros.
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Starsky and Hutch Header.jpg

Coming Soon!

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