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Joker Bank Small.png
Superman Bank Small.png
Penguin Bank Small.png
Spider-Man Bank Small.png
Mego produced five "Super Savers" plastic coin banks in 1974 (Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Joker, and Penguin). Each bank had a round paper "Super Savers" sticker affixed to the front of the bank. The banks were sold inside clear unmarked cellophane bags.
Each bank is 8" tall with a plastic plug on the bottom (that is often missing).
Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man banks have paper emblems on their chests.

Pictured Above: Batman Super Savers Bank

Pictured Above: Superman Super Savers Bank

Pictured Above: Spider-Man Super Savers Bank

The paint easily chips, making high grade examples of Joker and Penguin difficult to find.

Pictured Above: Joker Super Savers Bank

Pictured Above: Penguin Super Savers Bank

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