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Cipsa released five Planet of the Apes figures for Mego in Mexico, including Cornelius, Dr. Zaius, General Urko, General Ursus, and Bill ("the lost astronaut").


Unlike their American counterparts, the Cipsa apes did not come with pants.

Cipsa Cornelius TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Cipsa Cornelius (Left) and Mego Cornelius (Right)

Cipsa Zaius TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Cipsa Dr. Zaius (Left) and Mego Dr. Zaius (Right)


Instead of purple sleeves, the Cipsa General Urko came with bright orange sleeves.

Cipsa Urko TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Cipsa General Urko (Left) and Mego General Urko (Right)

The Cipsa generals and Bill came with rifles. Almost identical to the standard Planet of the Apes M-16, the Cipsa rifles lack detail on the grip.

Standard Rifle

Cipsa Rifle


General Ursus' tunic and cuffs came in two different material: a matte/smooth material and a shiny "lizard skin" material.

Cipsa Ursus Lizard TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Cipsa General Ursus with Shiny "Lizard Skin" Tunic

Cipsa Urses Smooth TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Cipsa General Ursus with Matte/Smooth Tunic

Pictured Above: Cipsa General Ursus (Left) and Mego General Ursus (Right)

Bill Header.jpg

Bill, "the lost astronaut," was produced and sold by Mego distributor Cipsa in Mexico. He is the rarest Cipsa figure and very difficult to find complete and all original. Unlike the Mego humans, Bill came with a rifle.

Cipsa Bill TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: All Original Cipsa Bill

Bill shares a head sculpt with Mego's Alan Verdon.

Alan Head.png

Pictured Above: Cipsa Bill Head (Left) and Mego Alan Verdon Head (Right)

Pictured Above: Original Cipsa Bill Box Front (Left) and Back (Right)

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