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Mego foreign distributor Palitoy released Space: 1999 8" Action Figures in the U.K. (including Alan Carter, Paul Morrow, Captain Koenig, Captain Zantor, and the Mysterious Alien)!

Alan Carter

Alan Carter 8" Action Figure

Alan Carter's helmet was reused by Mego in different color combinations

Pictured Above (From Left to Right): Mystery Astronaut Yellow/White Helmet with Clear Visor, Mystery German Action Jackson Yellow/Red Helmet with Blue Visor, Space: 1999 Alan Carter Red/Red Helmet with Blue Visor, Dinah-mite Sport Cyclist Outfit Blue/Red Helmet with Blue Visor, Dinah-mite Racing Around Outfit Blue/White Helmet with Blue Visor, and Action Jackson Air Force Grey/Grey Helmet with Blue Visor. 

Paul Morrow
Paul Morrow Header Large.jpg

Paul Morrow 8" Action Figure

Captain Koenig
Captain Koenig Header Large.jpg

Captain Koenig 8" Action Figure

Captain Zantor
Captain Zantor Header Large.jpg

Captain Zantor 8" Action Figure

Mysterious Alien
Mysterious Alien Header Large.jpg

Mysterious Alien 8" Action Figure

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