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Basa All 1000.png
Basa All 1000.png
El Hombre Nuclear Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Peru Flag.jpg
Basa All 1000.png
Basa All 1000.png
Basa produced Superman, Batman, Robin, and El Hombre Nuclear (The Six Million Dollar Man) for Mego in Peru. They were sold in window boxes like their U.S. counterparts. The Basa figures have a body type similar to a Type 2 Mego body with plastic joints.
Basa (Peruvian) El Hombre Nuclear
El Hombre Nuclear (The Six Million Dollar Man) was only sold in Peru. He was not manufactured or sold in any other country.

Pictured Above: Original Basa (Peru) El Hombre Nuclear with Reproduction Emblem

MIB El Hombre Nuclear

Pictured Above: Original MIB Basa (Peru) El Hombre Nuclear


Basa (Peruvian) Superman
The Basa figures have plastic belts that are unique in style to them. They have square buckles in the front and two notches in the back.
Basa Superman
Basa (Peruvian) Batman
While U.S. capes were made from a nylon material and the Mexican and Colombian capes are plastic, Peruvian capes are made from a soft cloth fabric.
Basa Batman 1000.png
Basa (Peruvian) Robin
Instead of removable gloves, Peruvian Robin was given green wristbands made of cellotape affixed to his arms.
Basa Robin 1000.png
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