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Red Small 2.png
Blue Small.png
In 1975, Mego released the Dare Brothers, a set of two stuntmen figures. There is a red figure with a mustache and a blue figure without a mustache.
Red Dare Brother Shadow.png

Pictured Above: Original Red Figure

Both figures have original head sculpts with blue eyes and brown hair.
Blue Closeup.png

Pictured Above: Dare Brothers Red (Left) and Blue (Right)

The figures came on a unique 6" body with a muscle torso (similar to Hulk), open fists, molded white boots (similar to the Space 1999 bodies), plastic joints (similar to type 2 bodies) and held together with elastic bands (similar to type 1 bodies).

Pictured Above: Copyright Stamp on Back of Body

The figures came with a "fly glider" (a kite) they could hang from and a "long-distance spring action launcher."
Salesman Photo.jpg

Pictured Above: Black-and-white Salesman Photo

The figures, fly glider, and launcher were packaged in a large cardboard box.

Pictured Above: Original Boxed Dare Brothers Set

The original 1975 commercial for the Dare Brothers can be viewed here on YouTube (courtesy of the Toy Tales channel).

Pictured Above: Screenshot from Original 1975 Mego Commercial

I still need a loose blue figure and a complete boxed set with fly glider. If you have either one for sale, please contact me here. Thanks!
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