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Pez Header 3.jpg
In 1978, Pez released Batman, Joker, and Penguin candy dispensers with modified Mego heads. It was likely a purposeful collaboration between Pez and Mego, as it's unlikely Pez would have so blatantly copied Mego's designs without its consent. The Pez dispensers have soft heads and "no feet." They're very rare and desirable amongst both Mego and Pez collectors.
Pez Display 2.jpg

Pictured Above: 1978 Pez Countertop Display

Batman Pez Dispenser
The Batman Pez dispenser came with a grey stem.

PEZ Batman Head 2.png

Pictured Above: Pez Batman Head (Left) and Mego Batman Head (Right)

Penguin Pez Dispenser
The Penguin Pez dispenser came with a purple stem and a yellow hat instead of black.

PEZ Penguin Head.png
Mego Penguin Head.png

Pictured Above: Pez Penguin Head (Left) and Mego Penguin Head (Right)

Joker Pez Dispenser
The Joker Pez dispenser came with a blue stem.

PEZ Joker Head.png
Mego Joker Head.png

Pictured Above: Pez Joker Head (Left) and Mego Joker Head (Right)

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