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Don Large Header.jpg
Don is an 8" figure sold by Mego in 1973. He was advertised in catalogs as Dinah-Mite's "friend" or "boy-friend." Dinah-Mite was Mego's version of Barbie, making Don an attempt at a Ken doll.
1973 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog C

Pictured Above: 1973 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog

Don has been found on Type 0 and Type 1 bodies. He shares a shirt with the Action Jackson Secret Agent outfit, pants with the Action Jackson Scramble Cyclist outfit, and a head sculpt with Superman and Clark Kent.
Superman Head.png
Clark Kent Head.png

Pictured Above: Don (Left), Superman (Middle), and Clark Kent (Right)

Most Don figures were shipped in plain cardboard boxes. Only three or four window boxes have been discovered (including mine), making it one of the hardest boxes to find.

Pictured Above: Original Don Window Box

Don also appears in artwork for Dinah-Mite's Beach House and Campmobile.
1973 Mego Catalog Closeup_edited.jpg

Pictured Above: 1973 Mego Dealer's Catalog

Campmobile Box Closeup.jpg

Pictured Above: Dinah-Mite Campmobile Box Art

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