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Pirates Header.jpg

Mego introduced the World's Greatest Super Pirates 8" Action Figures in 1975 (including Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte, Captain Patch, and Long John Silver)!

Pirates All.jpg

Pictured Above: World's Greatest Super Pirates Box Art

Pictured Above: Complete Original Set of MIB Type 2 Pirates


8" Blackbeard Action Figure

Jean Lafitte
Jean Lafitte Header.jpg

8" Jean Lafitte Action Figure

Captain Patch
Captain Patch Header.jpg

8" Captain Patch Action Figure

In 1975, Matchbox/Lesney included a knock-off Captain Patch figure with its Fighting Furies Sea Fury Pirate Ship Carrying Case playset. The head sculpt is a mirror copy of the Mego Captain Patch head, and the outfit is a copy of Jean Lafitte's Mego outfit (without the vest and lace collar). The body type is the same one used for Captain Eagle. The figure did not come with any weapons.

Fighting Furies
Fighting Furies TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Matchbox/Lesney Fighting Furies Pirate

Fighting Furies Head.png

Pictured Above: Mego Captain Patch Head (Left) and Matchbox/Lesney Fighting Furies Pirate Head (Right)


Pictured Above: Mego Jean Lafitte Outfit (Left) and Matchbox/Lesney Fighting Furies Pirate Outfit (Right)

The Fighting Furies pirate came in a clear bag sealed with a pink plastic tie.

Fighting Furies Sealed TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Sealed Matchbox/Lesney Fighting Furies Pirate

Long John Silver Header.jpg
Long John Silver

Long John Silver Action Figure has a peg leg. Type 1 figures have the peg leg on the right side, while Type 2 figures have a peg leg on the left side.

Pictured Above: Type 2 Long John Silver (Left) and Type 1 Long John Silver (Right)

Pictured Above: Type 1 Long John Silver with Right Peg Leg

Pictured Above: Type 2 Long John Silver with Left Peg Leg

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