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In the 1970s, Mego released toys in other countries through foreign distributors like Lili Ledy, Cipsa, Basa, Palitoy, Popy, and others. In addition to new and different characters, familiar figures were released in foreign markets with different head sculpts, clothes, and accessories. Sold in much smaller quantities, foreign releases can be very difficult to find! I've had the good fortune of buying toys from sellers all over the world, including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Japan, Singapore, France, UK, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and Denmark!

Click on the Links Below to See Photographs and Descriptions of Toys From My Collection

Lili Ledy Header.jpg
Mego Cipsa Planet of the Apes!
El Hombre Nuclear Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Popy Header.jpg
Ultraman Leo
Bullmark Header.png
United Kingdom
Space 1999 Header.jpg
Steve Goalgetter Header.jpeg
Zorro Header.jpg
Anchor 1
Rimax Carvajal Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Mego Mighty Mightor
Mego Franz Beckenbaur
South Africa
Jet Jungle Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
Tex Willer
Wonder Woman Header TheMegoGuy.jpg
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