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Mego released the same motorized horse in different colors and with different saddles/bridles for various toy lines, including Planet of the Apes (Action Stallion), American West (Shadow), Action Jackson (Wild Mustang), Dinah-Mite (Golden Pal), and The World's Greatest Super-Knights (Jousting Horses).
Wild Mustang (Action Jackson)
Action Jackson's "Wild Mustang" was available in light brown with a  yellow saddle, black with a white saddle, and grey with a black saddle.
Wild Mustang
Brown Wild Mustang.png

Pictured Above: Brown Action Jackson Wild Mustang

The grey Wild Mustang is the rarest. It was sold in the 1974 Montgomery Wards catalog.
Wild Mustang Closeup.jpg

Pictured Above: 1974 Montgomery Wards Catalog

Pictured Above: Grey Action Jackson Wild Mustang and "AJ" Branding

Pictured Above: 1974 Montgomery Wards Catalog Action Stallion Mailer Box and Label

The black Wild Mustang can come with a large saddle or small saddle. The large saddle is much more common than the small saddle. The small saddle was also used for Golden Pal (in brown) and the grey Wild Mustang (in black),

Pictured Above: Wild Mustang Box Art and Trade Advertisement

Black Wild Mustang with Large Saddle.png

Pictured Above: Black Action Jackson Wild Mustang with Large Saddle

Black Wild Mustang with Small Saddle.png

Pictured Above: Black Action Jackson Wild Mustang with Small Saddle

Small Saddle.png

Pictured Above: Large Saddle (Left) Next to Small Saddle (Right)

Action Stallion (Planet of the Apes)
The Planet of the Apes "Action Stallion" was available in dark brown with a light brown saddle.
Action Stallion
Action Stallion.png

Pictured Above: Action Stallion Box Art and 1975 Mego Catalog

A different, non-motorized horse was released by Mego with the Planet of the Apes "Wagon and Catapult" Playset in Canada (by distributor Parkdale Novelty) and Mexico (by distributor Cipsa). The horse is brown with a white mane/tail. It did not come with a saddle or bridle.

Pictured Above: Planet of the Apes Horse Sold in Canada and Mexico

The Canadian/Mexican horse has ball bearings on the bottom of its feet to roll around.

Pictured Above: Canadian/Mexican Horse Feet Bottom

Pictured Above: 1975 Sears Catalog

Pictured Above: Parkdale Novelty Canadian Horse and Wagon and Catapult Box Art

The horse was also advertised with the unproduced Waltons Barn Playset.

Pictured Above: 1976 Mego Toy Fair Dealer's Catalog

Shadow (American West)
The American West "Shadow" was available in light brown with a yellow saddle.
Shadow's saddle is similar to the Action Jackson Brown Wild Mustang's saddle, but without the "AJ" branding.
Brown Wild Mustang.png

Pictured Above: Action Jackson Brown Wild Mustang Saddle with "AJ" Branding (Left) and Shadow Saddle (Right)

Pictured Above: 1974 Mego Catalog

Pictured Above: Shadow Box Art

Golden Pal (Dinah-Mite)
Dinah-Mite's "Golden Pal" was available in yellow with a dark brown saddle.
Golden Pal.png

Pictured Above: Mego Dealer Catalog

Golden Pal Catalog 2 (2).jpg

Pictured Above: Golden Pal Box Art and Dealer Catalog

Knight's Jousting Horse
Knight's Jousting Horse
(World's Greatest Super-Knights)

The Jousting Horses from the World's Greatest Super-Knights toy line were only sold in Europe. Advertised in the 1975 Mego catalog, two jousting horses were available: the Ivanhoe Jousting Horse and the Black Knight Jousting Horse. They were also advertised in Germany and Italy.

Pictured Above: 1975 Mego Catalog

Pictured Above: 1975 Marx (Germany) Catalog (English Translation: "18. Price hit! This knight horse can move forwards and backwards thanks to its battery drive. Tournament cape, saddle and bridle can be removed. Suitable for all 20 cm action figures. Length of the horse 26.5 cm.")

Pictured Above: 1975 Baravelli (Italy) Catalog

The Jousting Horses come with a black horse with a white mane and tail (similar to the Action Jackson black Wild Mustang, but without the "AJ" branding on the horse).
Each horse has a silk screened cloth cover/blanket. The Ivanhoe Jousting Horse has a red and yellow cover. The Black Knight Jousting Horse has a black and red cover. The covers have a paper Mego tag sewn inside.

Pictured Above: Jousting Horse Cover with Paper Tag

The knight saddle is unique to the Jousting Horses. The saddle is molded in the same light brown color as the Planet of the Apes Action Stallion saddle. The bridle is molded in a different dark brown color and is identical to the Dinah-Mite Golden Pal bridle.
Black Knight Jousting Horse 1000.png

Pictured Above: Black Knight Jousting Horse

Ivanhoe Jousting Horse 1000.png

Pictured Above: Ivanhoe Jousting Horse

In 2020, I discovered a brown jousting horse with a white mane and tail. The horse is molded in the same color as the brown Planet of the Apes Action Stallion. The paint appears to be factory. A similar horse is pictured in the 1975 Sears catalog.

Pictured Above: 1975 Sears Catalog

I purchased the horse in a large lot of Planet of the Apes toys listed on eBay U.K.

Pictured Above: 2020 eBay U.K. Auction Photos

Pictured Above: Brown Jousting Horse with White Mane, White Tail, and Knights Saddle

Pictured Above: Brown Jousting Horse (Left) next to a Planet of the Apes Brown Action Stallion (Right)

Pictured Above: Knight's Jousting Horses with Knights Figures and Castle

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