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Wonder Woman Header TheMegoGuy.jpg

Released in 1974, Wonder Woman was part of the third wave of World's Greatest Super-Heroes sold by Mego (alongside the other "Super-Gals," Catwoman, Batgirl, and Supergirl).

Wave 3A.png


Silkscreen Wonder Woman
In 1974, the earliest Wonder Woman figures were sold with a screen printed cuffs and boots. Silkscreen Wonder Woman was sold in a window box and on the Kresge-style card.

Type 1 Wonder Woman
Between 1974 and 1978, Wonder Woman was available on a Type 1 body with jointed arms. The outfit can have small or large stars. Type 1 Wonder Woman was sold in a window box and on the Kresge-style card.

Pictured Above: Type 1 Wonder Woman (Small Stars)

Pictured Above: Type 1 Wonder Woman (Large Stars)

SS Wonder Woman.png
Large Star Wonder Woman.png

Pictured Above: Small Stars Shorts (Left) Next to Large Stars Shorts (Right)

MIB Wonder Woman
MIB Wonder Woman Versions.png

Pictured Above: MIB Silkscreen Wonder Woman (Left) and MIB Standard Wonder Woman (Right)


MIB SS Wonder Woman.png

Pictured Above: Silkscreen Wonder Woman MIB

MIB Wonder Woman.png

Pictured Above: Standard Wonder Woman MIB

Australian Wonder Woman

Type 2 Wonder Woman
(Australian Eagle Outfit)

In 1979, Wonder Woman was available in Australia on a Type 2 body with straight rubber arms. Other differences include longer hair, light blue eyes, purple cuffs, and a dot in the eye of the eagle. Type 2 Wonder Woman was sold on the standard card only.

Pictured Above: Type 1 Outfit (Left) Next to Type 2 Outfit (Right)

Wondergirl Header.jpg

Wonder Woman's teen sidekick Wondergirl was released as part of the Teen Titans in 1977.

Pictured Above: 8" Wonder Woman (left) Next to 7" Wondergirl (Right)

Lili Ledy (Mexico)
Wonder Woman was produced and sold by distributor Lili Ledy in Mexico.

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