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Released in 1974, Riddler was part of the fourth wave of World's Greatest Super-Heroes sold by Mego (alongside the other "Super-Foes," Joker, Penguin, and Mr. Mxyzptlk).


Test Sample Elastic Belt Riddler
A few number of Riddler figures have been discovered with an elastic belt instead of the normal plastic belt. It is most likely an early pre-production or test market sample.

A Riddler with elastic belt is pictured in the 1974 Mego Toy Fair dealer catalog and in the 1974 Mego mini insert catalog.

mini catalog closeup 2.jpg
1974 Mego Catalog
1974 Mego Catalog

Pictured Above: 1974 Mego Catalog

Pictured Above: 1974 Mego Insert Catalog

I acquired my Elastic Belt Riddler in 2020 from a longtime collector who purchased it in 1993 in a large lot of early issue figures including a Removable Cowl Batman, Removable Mask Robin, and screen printed Supergirl and Batgirl.

Pictured Above: 1993 Lot of Early Issue Mego Figures

The head is very light in tone and the suit is made of a dark green thick rib knit fabric similar to some early Removable Mask Robin sleeves/shorts.

Riddler Comparison.png

Pictured Above: Elastic Belt Riddler (Left) Next to a Standard Type 1 Riddler with Plastic Belt (Right)

Production figures came with a plastic belt made from the same mold as Batman's belt, but in purple. Early Riddler belts were molded in a translucent plastic, while later belts are opaque. In Mexico, Riddler was released with a dark purple rubber belt.

Transclucent Plastic.png
Opaque Plastic.png

Pictured Above: Riddler Elastic Belt (Left), Translucent Plastic Belt (Middle Left), Opaque Plastic Belt (Middle Right), and Lili Ledy Rubber Belt (Right)

Type 1 Riddler
Between 1974 and 1976, Riddler was available on a Type 1 body with metal rivet joints. Type 1 Riddler was sold in a window box, on the Kresge-style card, and on the standard card.

All Riddler window boxes have the old Mego logo. The Super-Foes were not released in new logo boxes. Also, most Riddler boxes have the 4-digit inventory code (1352) displayed on the box. A small number of boxes were printed with the 5-digit code (51352) before Mego switched to blister cards. Produced for only a short period of time, 5-digit Super-Foe boxes are very difficult to find!

MIB Type 1 Riddler

Pictured Above: Type 1 Riddler in 4-Digit Box

MIB Riddler 5-Digit Box.png
5-Digit Riddler Box

Pictured Above: Type 1 Riddler in 5-Digit Box

Riddler 4-Digit Box Side Panel.jpg

Pictured Above: 4-Digit Box Side Panel (Left) and 5-Digit Box Side Panel (Right)

Type 2 Riddler
Beginning in 1976, Riddler was available on a Type 2 body with plastic joints. Type 2 Riddler was sold in a window box and on the standard card.

Fist-Fighting Riddler
In 1975, Mego released the Riddler on a fist fighting body with "Karate Kung Fu Action." Sold in a window box in the U.S., Fist Fighting Riddler has a tan button on his back that controls his arms.

MIB Fist Fighter Riddler

Pictured Above: MIB U.S. Fist Fighting Riddler

Lily Ledy (Mexico)
Riddler was also released as a fist fighter in Mexico by foreign distributor Lili Ledy.

Pictured Above: 1977 Lili Ledy (Mexican) Fist Fighter "Acertijo" a.k.a. Riddler

Lil Ledy
Fist Fighting Riddler USA Button.png

Pictured Above: Lili Ledy Fist Fighter Button (Left) and Mego Fist Fighter Button (Right)

Pictured Above: Lili Ledy (Mexico) Fist Fighting Riddler (Left) and Mego (U.S.A.) Fist Fighting Riddler (Right)

Riddler's costume came in several different variations and in different shades of green.

Riddlers 2.png

Pictured Above: Elastic Belt RIddler (Left), Type 1 Riddler (Middle Left), Type 2 Riddler (Middle Right), and Lili Ledy Riddler (Right)

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