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Released in 1974, Penguin was part of the fourth wave of World's Greatest Super-Heroes sold by Mego (alongside the other "Super-Foes," Joker, Riddler, and Mr. Mxyzptlk).


Type 1 Penguin
Between 1974 and 1976, Penguin was available on a Type 1 body with metal rivet joints. Type 1 Penguin was sold in a window box, on the Kresge-style card, and on the standard card.

Type 2 Penguin
Beginning in 1976, Penguin was available on a Type 2 body with plastic joints. Type 2 Penguin was sold in a window box and on the standard card.

MIB Penguin

All Penguin window boxes have the old Mego logo. The Super-Foes were not released in new logo boxes. Also, most Penguin boxes have the 4-digit inventory code (1350) displayed on the box. A small number of boxes were printed with the 5-digit code (51350) before Mego switched to blister cards. Produced for only a short period of time, 5-digit Super-Foe boxes are very difficult to find!

MIB 4-Digit Penguin.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Penguin in 4-Digit Box

MIB 5-Digit Penguin.png

Pictured Above: Type 2 Penguin in 5-Digit Box

Penguin MIB 4-Digit Side Panel.png
Penguin MIB Side Panel Comparison.png
Penguin MIB 5-Digit Side Panel.png

Pictured Above: 4-Digit Box Side Panel (Left) and 5-Digit Box Side Panel (Right)

Penguin Kresge New.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Penguin on Kresge-style Blister Card

Penguin Pez Dispenser
In 1978, Pez released a Penguin candy dispenser (along with Batman and Joker) with a modified Mego head. It was likely a purposeful collaboration between Pez and Mego, as it's unlikely Pez would have so blatantly copied Mego's designs without its consent. The Pez dispensers have soft heads and "no feet." They're very rare and desirable amongst both Mego and Pez collectors.

The Penguin Pez dispenser came with a purple stem and a yellow hat instead of black

PEZ Penguin Head.png
Mego Penguin Head.png

Pictured Above: Pez Penguin Head (Left) and Mego Penguin Head (Right)

Lili Ledy (Mexico)
Penguin was produced and sold by distributor Lili Ledy in Mexico.

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