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Supergirl Header TheMegoGuy.jpg

Released in 1974, Supergirl was part of the third wave of World's Greatest Super-Heroes sold by Mego (alongside the other "Super-Gals," Catwoman, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman).

Wave 3A.png


Silkscreen Supergirl
In 1974, the earliest Supergirl figures were sold with a screen printed outfit. Silkscreen Supergirl was sold in a window box and on the Kresge-style card.

Type 1 Supergirl
Between 1974 and 1978, Supergirl was available on a Type 1 body with jointed arms. Later issue figures can have a vinyl cape. Type 1 Supergirl was sold in a window box, on the Kresge-style card, and on the standard card.

Pictured Above: Type 1 Supergirl with Standard Fabric Cape

Vinyl Cape Supergirl.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Supergirl with Rare Vinyl Cape

MIB Supergirl
MIB Supergirl Variations.png

Pictured Above: MIB Silkscreen Supergirl (Left) and MIB Standard Supergirl (Right)


All Supergirl window boxes have the old Mego logo. The Super-Gals were not released in new logo boxes. Also, most Supergirl boxes have the 4-digit inventory code (1341) displayed on the box. A small number of boxes were printed with the 5-digit code (51341) before Mego switched to blister cards. Produced for only a short period of time, 5-digit Super-Gal boxes are very difficult to find!

MIB SS Supergirl 4-Digit Box.png

Pictured Above: Silkscreen Supergirl in 4-Digit Box

MIB Supergirl 5-Digit Box.png

Pictured Above: Supergirl in 5-Digit Box

4-Digit Supergirl.jpg
Supergirl Boxes Side Panel.png
5-Digit Supergirl.jpg

Pictured Above: 4-Digit Box Side Panel (Left) and 5-Digit Box Side Panel (Right)

Type 2 Supergirl (Peace Sign Belt)
In 1978 and 1979, Supergirl was available on a Type 2 body with straight rubber arms in France. Sold by Mego distributor Pin Pin Toys, most Type 2 Supergirl figures have a plastic yellow peace sign belt and longer hair. Type 2 Supergirl was sold on the standard card only.

Peace Sign Belt Supergirl
Peace Sign Belt.png

Pictured Above: Original Supergirl Peace Sign Belt

Pictured Above: 1979 Carded Pin Pin Toys (France) Peace Sign Belt Supergirl

Foreign Release
Supergirl was produced and sold by distributor Lili Ledy in Mexico.

Ledy Supergirl TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Lili Ledy (Mexican) "Super Niña" a.k.a. Supergirl

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