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Action Jackson Sports Outfits
Mego released six "sports" outfits for Action Jackson (Fishing, Hockey, Baseball, Karate, Football, and Surf and Scuba).

Sports Outfits Catalog.jpg

Pictured Above: 1975 Mego Catalog

Mego released two different Fishing outfits. The first outfit was included as part of the "Sports" Assortment.


The Fishing outfit comes with a brown or white plastic fishing net. The brown fishing net is much more common than the white net. Other than color, the nets are identical.

Pictured Above: Brown and White Fishing Nets

Fishing Luc L'Aventure.png

Pictured Above: Fishing Outfit in French Luc L'Aventure Box

Mego issued a completely different Fishing outfit on the generic red blister card as part of the "Top Value" Assortment.

Fishing Red Card.png

Pictured Above: "Top Value" Assortment Fishing Outfit

Pictured Above: "Sports" Assortment Fishing Outfit (Left) and "Top Value" Assortment Fishing Outfit (Right)

The Hockey Outfit was available with four different jersey numbers: 5, 55, 8, and 88. The jersey/socks can be purple or blue.

Hockey Black Skates.png

In Germany, the Hockey outfit was sold with white skates (instead of black).

Pictured Above: Hockey Outfit with Rare White Skates

Skates Comparison_edited.png

Pictured Above: Regular Black Hockey Skates (Left) and Rare White Hockey Skates (Right)

Pictured Above: #88 Purple Hockey Outfit with Black Hockey Skates (Left) and #55 Blue Hockey Outfit with White Hockey Skates (Right)

The Baseball outfit was released in black and red. The black uniform comes with long pants and small letters "A" and "J" on the front of the jersey (which are often missing).


The red uniform comes with short pants and no letters on the front of the jersey.

Both color uniforms have the number 5 on the back of the jersey.

Baseball Red Uniform.png
Red Baseball Generic Box.png

Pictured Above: Red Baseball Outfit in Generic Box

The Karate outfit comes with a red plastic block and four belts: yellow, red, brown, and black. It was also released as part of the "Top Value" Assortment.

Karate Luc L'Aventure.png

Pictured Above: Karate Outfit in French Luc L'Aventure Box

The Football outfit was available with four different jersey numbers: 5, 55, 8, and 88.


Surf and Scuba
The Surf and Scuba outfit was issued in five different pattern fabrics: (1) red/yellow/blue shapes; (2) pink/purple/teal shapes; (3) blue/pink checkered; (4) blue/white checkered; and (5) flowers.

Surf and Scuba
Pink-purple-teal shapes.jpg
blue-pink checkered.jpg
Blue-white checkered.jpg

The most common pattern is red/yellow/blue shapes, which was sold in the U.S. box. Depending on how the pattern was cut, the outfit can look mostly red, yellow, or blue.

Also released in the U.S. box (but less common) is the pink/purple/teal shapes pattern. Again, depending on how the pattern was cut, the outfit can look mostly pink, purple, or teal.

The pink/blue checkered pattern outfit was sold only in the U.K. Johnnie Jackson Box.

The blue/white checkered pattern can only be found on the red blister card.

The Surf and Scuba outfit on the red blister card came with a round mask instead of the regular oval mask.

Oval Scuba Mask

Pictured Above: Round Scuba Mask (Left) and Oval Scuba Mask (Right)

There are two different surfboards. The regular surfboard is opaque orange, has an "AJ" sticker on it, and has one hole in the plastic (where the surf board was sewn to the card). The other (less common) surfboard is translucent orange, has no sticker, and has two holes molded into the plastic.

Rare Board.png

The flower pattern is by far the rarest. It was released in Germany as the Diver ("Taucher") outfit in a two pack with a red Frogman ("Froschmann") outfit.

Pictured Above: Original Carded Diver ("Taucher") and Frogman ("Froschmann") Outfit Two-Pack

Only 2 or 3 Diver outfits have been found, including mine.

Pictured Above: Red/Yellow/Blue Shapes Outfit (Far Left), Pink/Purple/Teal Shapes Outfit (Middle Left), Blue/Pink Checkered Outfit (Middle), Blue/White Checkered Outfit (Middle Right), and Flower Pattern Outfit (Far Right).

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