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Action Jackson "Top Value" (Red Card) Outfits
Mego released ten "Top Value" outfits for Action Jackson (Marine, Desert, Rugby, Surf and Scuba, Raincoat, Fishing, Karate, Tennis, Golf, and Frogman). Each "Top Value" outfit came on a generic red blister card.

Red Cards Mego 1974 Catalog (4).jpg

Pictured Above: 1974 Mego Catalog

The "Top Value" Assortment Marine outfit is a cheaper version of the "Military" Assortment Army outfit.


The Marine outfit came with an M-1 rifle instead of the typical M-16 rifle that the boxed outfits came with.

Black M-16 Rifle

with Bayonet

Black M-16 Rifle

White M-16 Rifle

M-1 Rifle (Red Card Only)

The Desert Outfit is one of the hardest "Top Value" Assortment outfits to find.


The Rugby outfit was only available on the red blister card as part of the "Top Value" Assortment. It is made from the same blue fabric as the Danish Royal Guard's pants and Clark Kent's suit, which is very susceptible to fading.


Surf and Scuba
The "Top Value" Assortment Surf and Scuba outfit has a blue/white checkered pattern.

Surf and Scuba

The "Top Value" Assortment Surf and Scuba outfit came with a round mask instead of the more common oval mask.

Oval Scuba Mask

In addition to the blue/white checkered pattern, the Surf and Scuba outfit was issued as part of the "Sports" Assortment in four other patterns: (1) red/yellow/blue shapes; (2) pink/purple/teal shapes; (3) blue/pink checkered; and (4) flowers.

Pink-purple-teal shapes.jpg
blue-pink checkered.jpg
Blue-white checkered.jpg

The most common pattern is red/yellow/blue shapes, which was sold in the U.S. box. Depending on how the pattern was cut, the outfit can look mostly red, yellow, or blue.

Also released in the U.S. box (but less common) is the pink/purple/teal shapes pattern. Again, depending on how the pattern was cut, the outfit can look mostly pink, purple, or teal.

The pink/blue checkered pattern outfit was sold only in the U.K. Johnnie Jackson Box.

The flower pattern is by far the rarest. It was released in Germany as the Diver ("Taucher") outfit in a two pack with a red Frogman ("Froschmann") outfit.

Pictured Above: Original Carded Diver ("Taucher") and Frogman ("Froschmann") Outfit Two-Pack

Only 2 or 3 Diver outfits have been found, including mine.

There are two different surfboards. The regular surfboard is opaque orange, has an "AJ" sticker on it, and has one hole in the plastic (where the surf board was sewn to the card). The other (less common) surfboard is translucent orange, has no sticker, and has two holes molded into the plastic.

Rare Board.png

Pictured Above: Red/Yellow/Blue Shapes Outfit (Far Left), Pink/Purple/Teal Shapes Outfit (Middle Left), Blue/Pink Checkered Outfit (Middle), Blue/White Checkered Outfit (Middle Right), and Flower Pattern Outfit (Far Right).

The Raincoat outfit comes with the coat, M-1 rifle, and boots only (no pants or shirt).

Fishing Red Card.png

The "Top Value" Assortment Fishing outfit came with a tan or yellow shirt.

Pictured Above: "Top Value Assortment Fishing Outfit with Tan Shirt

Mego issued a completely different Fishing outfit with the "Sports" Assortment.

Pictured Above: "Sports" Assortment Fishing Outfit

Pictured Above: "Sports" Assortment Fishing Outfit (Left) and "Top Value" Assortment Fishing Outfit (Right)

Mego released the same Karate outfit as part of the "Sports" and "Top Value" Assortments. The only difference is that the "Sports" Assortment outfit came with a red block accessory.


The Tennis outfit was only available on the red blister card as part of the "Top Value" Assortment.

Tennis Card.png

The Golf outfit was only available on the red blister card.


The Frogman outfit was available in orange, red, and black. The orange outfit came in the standard U.S. box, the red outfit came in the generic box, and the black outfit came on the red blister card. The red outfit does not come with an "AJ" sticker on its chest. A few green Frogman outfits have also been found, but are extremely rare. The diving tank can be white or grey.


Pictured Above: The Red (Left), Orange (Middle), and Black (Right) Frogman Outfits from Mego

Black Frogman.png

Pictured Above: Standard U.S. Orange Frogman Outfit

Pictured Above: Standard Orange Frogman Outfit

Frogman Luc L'Aventure.png

Pictured Above: Orange Frogman Outfit in French Luc L'Aventure Box

Red Frogman.png

Pictured Above: Generic Box Red Frogman Outfit

Pictured Above: Red Frogman with Water Scooter

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