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#2: Blue-Haired Frankenstein

Blue Haired Frankenstein Shadow.png

Pictured Above: Blue-Haired Frankenstein

Type 1 Frankenstein Back-to-Back_edited.

Pictured Above: Flat Top Frankenstein (Left) Back-to-Back with Blue-Haired Frankenstein (Right)

#1: Prototype/Test Sample Soldier Ape

Prototype Soldier Ape.png

Pictured Above: Prototype Soldier Ape (Left) and Production Soldier Ape (Right)

The prototype head is cast in a light tan-colored vinyl (the same color as Cornelius) instead of brown, and the eyes, eyebrows, and hair are hand-painted brown instead of black.

Head Comparison_clipped_rev_1.png

Pictured Above: Prototype head (left) next to production head (right)

The prototype bandolier is made of navy fabric with maroon pouches. The bandolier is too long to have been made from another tunic, indicating it was cut from a bolt of fabric.


Pictured Above: Prototype cloth bandolier (top) and production plastic bandolier (top)

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