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Superman Header TheMegoGuy.jpg

Released in 1972, Superman was part of the first wave of World's Greatest Super-Heroes sold by Mego (alongside Batman, Robin, and Aquaman).

Wave 1A.png


Type 1 Superman

Large S

Superman was released in 1972 on the Type 1 body with metal rivet joints. Early examples have a purplish-blue suit with stirrups and nylon shorts, a large 'S' emblem, and skinny boots. Type 1 Superman was sold in a solid box, window box, and on the Kresge-style card.

Large S Purple Superman TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Superman with Early Stirrup Suit with Nylon Shorts, Large S Emblem, and Skinny Boots

Type 1 Superman Shadow 2.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Superman with Standard S Emblem

Pictured Above: Early issue large paper emblem (left), standard paper emblem (center), and late issue fabric emblem (right)

Superman Skinny Boot Comparison.png

Pictured Above: Early issue thin ankle "skinny" boot (left) next to a standard boot (right)

Kresge Superman 1000.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Superman on 1st Generation Kresge-Style Blister Card

1st Gen. Window Box

Pictured Above: Type 1 Superman in 1st Generation Window Box

Superman 2nd Gen Window Box.png

Pictured Above: Type 1 Superman in 2nd Generation Window Box

Clark Kent Secret Identity Outfit
In 1974, Mego sold Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, as part of a catalog mail-away set with Peter Parker (Spider-Man). The set included heads and clothing, but no bodies. It was sold exclusively in the 1974 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog.
Clark Kent with Glasses TheMegoGuy.png
Clark Kent with Glasses and Hat TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Clark Kent with Original Hat and Glasses

Clark Kent Accessories TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Original Clark Kent Hat and Glasses

Clark Kent's hat and glasses are unique to the figure. Similar black hats were included with the Action Jackson Cowboy outfit and Wild Bill Hickock figure, but they are different molds.

Pictured Above: Action Jackson Brown Cowboy Hat (Far Left), Action Jackson Black Cowboy Hat (Middle Left), Wild Bill Hickock Black Hat (Middle Right), and Clark Kent Black Hat (Far Right)

Clark Kent Superman TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Clark Kent (Left) and Superman (Right)

Type 2 Superman
Between 1976 and 1983, Superman was available on a Type 2 body with plastic joints. Late examples can have a fabric emblem. Type 2 Superman was sold in a window box and on the standard card.
Type 2 Superman Shadow.png

Pictured Above: Type 2 Superman with Cloth Emblem

T2 Superman Box.png

Pictured Above: Type 2 Superman in 4th Generation Window Box (Old Logo)

Fist Fighting Superman
In 1975, Superman was available in the U.K. on a fist fighting body with "Karate Kung Fu Action." Sold on a card, Fist Fighting Superman has a black button on his back that controls his arms.
Fist Fighting Superman 1000.png

Pictured Above: U.K. Fist Fighting Superman

Foreign Releases
Superman was produced for foreign markets and sold by distributors in Mexico (Lili Ledy), Colombia (Rimax Carvajal), and Peru (Basa).
Foreign Superman.png

Pictured Above: Colombian Rimax Carvajal (Left), Mexican Lili Ledy (Center), and Peruvian Basa Superman (Right)

Ledy Superman Shadow.png

Pictured Above: Lili Ledy Superman (Mexico)

Rimax Superman TheMegoGuy.png

Pictured Above: Rimax Carvajal Superman (Colombia)

Basa Superman Shadow.png

Pictured Above: Basa Superman (Peru)

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