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Royal Guard Small.png

Action Jackson Foreign Releases
There are a number of foreign exclusive outfits and variant accessories that were only released overseas, including the Danish Royal Guard outfit, the European Soccer outfit, and the German Diver outfit.

Danish Royal Guard
The Royal Guard outfit was sold only in Denmark.

Royal Guard.png
Royal Guard

Pictured Above: 1975 Denmark Toy Catalog (English Translation: "Boy doll (ACTION JACKSON) with vinyl head and plastic body. Approx. 19 1/2 cm tall. With wardrobe: uniform, pilot suit and cowboy suit, with accessories.")

European Soccer
Only one boxed example of the European Soccer outfit has been discovered. It comes with a red shirt, white shorts, multi-color socks, black cleats, and a soccer ball. My Soccer outfit is a custom.


I made my Soccer outfit using an original pair of Action Jackson tennis shorts, one original black cleat, and an original soccer ball. I got the black cleat in a large lot of Action Jackson parts from Germany. Except for color, the black cleat is identical to a regular white cleat that comes with the Football and Baseball outfits.


Pictured Above: Original White Cleat (Left) and Original Black Cleat (Right)

I got the soccer ball in a lot of Action Jackson clothes from a seller in Canada.

Pictured Above: Both Sides of the Action Jackson Soccer Ball

Using a sock from the Hockey outfit as a pattern, I made a pair of Soccer socks from vintage doll clothing. The material is identical to the material used by Mego.


Pictured Above: Original Hockey Sock (Left) and Custom Soccer Sock (Right)

German Diver ("Taucher")
The Surf and Scuba outfit was released in Germany as the Diver ("Taucher") outfit in a two pack with a red Frogman ("Froschmann") outfit.


Pictured Above: Original Carded Diver ("Taucher") and Frogman ("Froschmann") Outfit Two-Pack

The Diver outfit was made with a unique flower pattern fabric. Only 2 or 3 Diver outfits have been found, including mine.

I got my Diver outfit in a large AJ lot from Germany. I spotted it mixed in with other outfits.


In addition to the foreign release, the Surf and Scuba outfit was issued as part of the "Sports" and "Top Value" Assortments in four other patterns: (1) red/yellow/blue shapes; (2) pink/purple/teal shapes; (3) blue/pink checkered; and (4) blue/white checkered.

Pink-purple-teal shapes.jpg
blue-pink checkered.jpg
Blue-white checkered.jpg

The most common pattern is red/yellow/blue shapes, which was sold in the U.S. box. Depending on how the pattern was cut, the outfit can look mostly red, yellow, or blue.

Also released in the U.S. box (but less common) is the pink/purple/teal shapes pattern. Again, depending on how the pattern was cut, the outfit can look mostly pink, purple, or teal.

The pink/blue checkered pattern outfit was sold only in the U.K. Johnnie Jackson Box.

The "Top Value" Assortment Surf and Scuba outfit has a blue/white checkered pattern.

The "Top Value" Assortment Surf and Scuba outfit came with a round mask instead of the more common oval mask.

Oval Scuba Mask

There are two different surfboards. The regular surfboard is opaque orange, has an "AJ" sticker on it, and has one hole in the plastic (where the surf board was sewn to the card). The other (less common) surfboard is translucent orange, has no sticker, and has two holes molded into the plastic.

Rare Board.png

Pictured Above: Red/Yellow/Blue Shapes Outfit (Far Left), Pink/Purple/Teal Shapes Outfit (Middle Left), Blue/Pink Checkered Outfit (Middle), Blue/White Checkered Outfit (Middle Right), and Flower Pattern Outfit (Far Right).

Black Cowboy Hat

Black Cowboy Hat
In Germany, the Western outfit included a black cowboy hat instead of brown. The German cowboy hat is identical to the regular brown hat except for color.

Pictured Above: Western Outfit with Rare Black Cowboy Hat

Black Cowboy Hat Closeup.png

Pictured Above: Western Outfit with Common Brown Cowboy Hat

The black cowboy hat looks similar to the black hats included with the Mego Wild Bill Hickock and Clark Kent figures, but they are different molds.

Pictured Above: Action Jackson Brown Cowboy Hat (Far Left), Action Jackson Black Cowboy Hat (Middle Left), Wild Bill Hickock Black Hat (Middle Right), and Clark Kent Black Hat (Far Right)

The brown and black cowboy hats are both stamped "Mego® H.K." under the brim.

Brown mego Markings.jpg
Black Mego Markings.jpg
Black Hat.png

White Hockey Skates
In Germany, the Hockey outfit included white skates instead of black. The white skates are identical to the U.S. black hockey skates except for color.

White Hockey Skates

Pictured Above: Hockey Outfit with Rare White Skates

Hockey Black Skates.png

Pictured Above: Hockey Outfit with Common Black Skates

Skates Comparison_edited.png

Pictured Above: Regular Black Hockey Skates (Left) and Rare White Hockey Skates (Right)

Pictured Above: #88 Purple Hockey Outfit with Black Hockey Skates (Left) and #55 Blue Hockey Outfit with White Hockey Skates (Right)

Mystery Helmet
At least a dozen red-and-yellow helmets marked "Mego" have been found in random Action Jackson lots from Germany. They are often found in lots with Type 2 Action Jackson figures, the black cowboy hat, and white hockey skates.

Mystery Helmet

The same helmet was reused by Mego in different color combinations, but no other figure used the red/yellow color combination.

Pictured Above (From Left to Right): Mystery Astronaut Yellow/White Helmet with Clear Visor, Mystery Action Jackson Yellow/Red Helmet with Blue Visor, Space: 1999 Alan Carter Red/Red Helmet with Blue Visor, Dinah-mite Sport Cyclist Outfit Blue/Red Helmet with Blue Visor, Dinah-mite Racing Around Outfit Blue/White Helmet with Blue Visor, and Action Jackson Air Force Grey/Grey Helmet with Blue Visor. 

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